Fiverr Clone


Creative services are always expensive and hard to come by. Building a platform for the sale of these creative services is a double challenge. Rockers Technology offers a robust clone after the well known site Fiverr. Our Fiverr clone allows the unique ability to connect skilled creative knowledge with customers looking for services. The Rockers Technology Fiverr replica gives your project a complex successful script at a rock bottom price.

Fiverr functions as an online marketplace for crafts experts and skilled creative minds to offer their work. Featuring extensive category lists, users can easily sort out what they are looking for or simply browse to exactly what they need. From your sellers’ side, users are able to upload samples and provide extensive descriptions to entice buyers. As in any marketplace your site receives a commission off on any products or services sold. With a full workforce of eligible creative staff, your marketplace will be prosperous in no time.

As always, Rockers Technology development process is second to none. With a total package in web development, Rockers Technology extensively skilled staff will be offering suggestions and services all along the way. Though the Fiverr network is focused around creative services, your platform will be customized to the specific needs of your organization. Rockers Technology can build this eCommerce marketplace to suit the needs of your buyers and sellers. Our program management team will begin by developing your concept to an acute focus. This aids in marketing by researching targets and profit networks. Before programming starts, our creative designers will work with you to mend imaging (if necessary) to fit in perfectly with your Fiverr clone. The product of this will go directly to the programming developers for integration into your site. If needed our design services can produce or revamp image and branding of the company. After the designs are ready our developers will start customizing the site for your needs. Adding or removing categories is on the beginning of site amendment. Any special needs of your band are taken into consideration when developing the new site. Using the strong clone framework, this Fiverr script will be able to handle high traffic use upon success of your platform. Once custom development is complete this isn’t the end of the experience.

Before launching your site to the public Rockers Technology expert developers will introduce you to every corner of the platform. Showing you all front-end and back-end user functionality, your team will be able to extensively run the site operations. They will also touch on basic user troubleshooting to ensure if there is an issue with the sites visitors you are able to solve in-house. During this training period our web platform testing team will run a variety of scenarios both on your server and the platform to ensure reliability. The final step is implementation. Our web experts will launch the site. Watching closely to manage user flow analytics, the Rocker team will monitor the successful transition into the platform.

Our marketing services also have the ability to boost your platform in creative new media outlets. Offering integration with network sharing and intuitive, inexpensive advertising plans, Rockers Technology is here to help you launch the site right. The inexpensive Fiverr clone is a perfect solution for your web marketplace needs. Rocker Technology can efficiently customize the platform for your needs. Talk to our sales team today to begin work.